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April 26th, 2008


phil why the face
Well, since no one's posted since last year, I guess I'll say a belated happy birthday to Chris. ^.^' Happy birthday!

April 22nd, 2007

HAHA!! Yes, today is the celebration of Chris Sabat's arrival to the world! *Wait, that sounded cheesy, didn't it?* OH!! It's the birthday shout-out to our main man, Chris Sabat! WE LOVE YOU! <3 For now, Happy Birthday!

~From Hikaru

(Comment on Sabat's myspace "Happy Birthday" if you love him! XD)

March 19th, 2007


Don&#39;t forget me.
Hey, sparklers! I have a question I want to ask! What do you guys think of buttons for the sparklers? Sound like a good idea?

February 25th, 2007

While I was on the rangers forum, I looked to see that Vic was playing
Fai! Then I clicked on the link that was in the thread (this one: http://www.tsubasaonline.com/) that Chris Sabat is playing Kurogane (the tough badass warrior) in Tsubasa! Don't forget to give him some complements for the role!! Thanks~!
~Hikaru :P

January 19th, 2007

Ok, sparklers, we have a new forum and we're using Proboards as our
forums instead! I'm sorry for the sudden change in the forums! DX
Thank you for understanding!
~Hikaru :P


January 12th, 2007

OK!! :P

Don&#39;t forget me.

If you guys wanna plan a Sparklers panel or meetup of any sort, contact Moogle or myself (unless we ask you to plan it)! Ok, I also wanna thank Ran for quickly organizing the first Sparklers meetup! XD I know that was quick, but I appreciate the effort! I hope we're more organized in the future! Sorry that I didn't tell you sooner! DX THANKS! Love ya! ;)


December 6th, 2006

Hii! :D

Yu Yu Hakushou
If you have joined the yahoo group and haven't signed up for the forums, please do so! If you want the link to the sparkler's forum, this is the linku! Sparklers Forum Thank you!
~Hikaru =P

October 31st, 2006

October 2nd, 2006


Burst Angel
Hey, Sparklers! We have a forum now! YAY! Here's the link for it! http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_Sparklers_Anyonm/index.php?act=idx Thanks for being in the sparklers! :)

~Hikaru =P
Hey, guys! This is Hikaru! If you want to check out where Chris is going to next, I have a link here for you guys if you need to check that out! http://anime-cons.com/guests/bio.shtml/661
From that list, it looks like he doesn't make many trips to cons! But we still love him! :) Well..Jaa ne! (じゃあね!)

Hikaru-chan =)
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